About Us

SRC is the registered voluntary service organization working for the training and rehabilitation of the Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (PWIDDs) as an Empowerment. It is working with specific Vision, Mission, Genesis, Core Values, & objectives with innovation and creativity and brief details were furnished below:


The persons with Disability living in vulnerable circumstances have got the equal rights like other member living in the same community.


To work for the holistic development of the persons with Disability living in vulnerable circumstances by providing training and rehabilitation services covering Social, Medical & Developmental Areas and thus leading for their better living in an inclusive environment.


The presence of a child with special needs in the family / community attracts for special environment which should be barrier free with better access. The Founder, having a daughter with mental retardation took it as an opportunity and formed Sirisha Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) in the year 2004 as a voluntary service organization to work for the welfare of several such God gifted children as an empowerment with equality and dignity.

Core Values:

It follows specific Core Values which include: Participatory, Flexibility, Need based, Responsibility, Accountability, Transparent, Scalability, Sustainability, Concerned, Committed and Service Others.


Based on the needs and dynamics of disability & environment of the targeted people, the objectives of SRC broadly cover to establish:

  • Early Intervention Canters
  • Special School
  • Pre-vocational & Vocational Training Canters
  • Care & Support Canters
  • Training Canters
  • Employment & Carrier Guidance Centre
  • Old Aged Homes
  • Sheltered Workshops
  • Life care centre’s &
  • Others suiting to the challenges, skills & needs of the people who need support.

In additional to the Institutional Based Services, SRC has already initiated the interventions at the Community Level by developing ‘Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)’ Canters.

Targeted Groups

The majority of the targeted groups for which SRC is working are poor, marginalized, vulnerable for several challenges and living in the rural villages of Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. The targeted groups include:

  • Children with Special Needs.
  • Persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.
  • Parents, Siblings & other Family Members of PWIDDs.
  • Social Workers
  • Health Workers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Infrastructure Developers
  • Teachers
  • Community Members
  • Other Stakeholders