SRC has successfully completed several need based projects supported by both Government and Private and some of them were furnished below as:

  1. Residential Bridge Camp (RBC): The RBC project of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Government of Andhra Pradesh was completed during the year 2006-07. In this project, 50 numbers of children (both boys and girls) with mental retardation have got the benefit of training and rehabilitation services and finally mainstreamed into the regular schools in their respective community / village.


  1. Vocational Training Programme (Computers): This training programme was organized for 50 number rural children who have completed 10th Class under the banner of “Rajiv Gandhi Youth Employment Generation Training Mission” in the year 2005-06. This helped them to enhance their capacities and to gain useful employment.
  1. Vocational Training Programme (Women):  In this programme, 50 numbers of rural poor women have got the training in the trade of “Tailoring & Embroidering” during the year 2006-07, which is supported by SRC itself.  This helped them to improve the skills and resulted for self-employment with better scope for livelihoods with empowerment both socially and economically and further to be part of the mainstream.


  1. Bonded Child Labours: Under this scheme during the year 2007-08, 50 number of children who worked with the landlords, agriculture, small scale business and other related local establishments have been relived and trained them for mainstreaming for the education.  This programme was supported by SRC itself.
  1. Medical Care & Cataract Operations:  SRC has managed this programme from its internal resources and provided necessary care services for around 3000 rural people of Krishna & Guntur District and on need based 300 members have undergone cataract operation and got the spectacles. Government of Andhra Pradesh supported this programme for the period of three years: 2006-08.


  1. Distribution of Aids & Appliances for Persons with Disabilities: With the support of Disabled Welfare Department, Krishna District, 5 tricycles, 10 hearing aids & 50 crutches were distributed to the persons with disabilities and provided necessary guidance for effective utility during the year 2006-07.   
  1. Old Aged Home: During the year 2004-08, SRC managed to run the Home for 25 numbers of Old Aged and provided needy services, which was managed, from its internal resources. Though there was a demand for this type of services, the same could not be continued due to financial crises as the inmates are very poor and expects the service provider or government to bear the cost of the service.


  1. Residential Bridge Camp (RBC): The RBC was established in the rural village with the guidance and support of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Department of Education, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. The Centre was sanctioned for 50 children and 47 children with mental retardation (28: boys & 19: girls) have got the support / services in terms of: ADLs, training, academics and other activities which helped them to mainstream both in the regular schools and special schools. The parents and other stakeholders were happy and ready to support the programme with participation as this process of mainstreaming will solve several problems related to their children’s disability / developmental delays, access, education, better living social security and other related issues arise from time to time. In addition, this process may support to get better solution of parents unanswered question that “what will happen to the child after us?”