SRC has successfully completed its ‘FIRST DECADE’ of service journey (2004 - 2014) and created significant impact among the beneficiaries as well as the stakeholders and it allowed them for better participation at all levels.  In addition, it has extended several benefits to the targeted groups. The significant benefits and impact created among the targeted groups were listed below as:

    • The benefit of ‘NIRAMAYA Health Scheme’ of the National Trust has been extended to most of its beneficiaries.
    • The benefit of ‘Disability Certification & Pension’ has been facilitated.
    • Enhanced the level of awareness in respect of the causes and consequences of disability and myths.
    • As a route partner of Badte Kadam 2010, disseminated the information in respect of National Trust Act, its Schemes & Benefits and future vision to the stakeholders by way of participation / media.
    • Initiated the work for the prevention of disability and thus to work for “Disability Free Society”.
    • Motivated the people and community to move towards barrier free environment (BFE).
    • The need and importance of early identification and early intervention services, with improved reach both quantitatively and qualitatively has been given priority.
    • It has successfully completed ‘FIRST DECADE’ of its service journey with better foundation & stability.
    • Improved the need and scope of inclusion and mainstreaming in the community like their normal counterparts.
    • Improved the mobility and access for catering their needs at all levels.
    • Disseminated the importance of inclusive education and role of parents and teachers.
    • The need and importance of pre-vocational activities and vocational training to improve employment / livelihood opportunities has been spread among the stakeholders.
    • Need of Employment opportunities and linkages & networking has been strengthened.
    • Facilitated for the schemes & benefits from government as well as from other sources / organizations / agencies.
    • Moving towards right based strategies & interventions tuning to the guidelines of UNCRPD and proposed amendments to the Indian Disability Acts / Policies.
    • Focused for the mainstreaming of the children both at normal school and special school as per the Right to Education (RTE).
    • Enhanced the networking, connectivity and linkages, with the stakeholders at all levels.
    • Improved the evidence based service supports with better accountability and visibility.
    • Improved documentation with the use of e-technologies for quick dissemination and feedback.


          SRC has achieved several Mile Stones / Turning Points and were furnished briefly below as:




  • Registered as a Society under Society Act.
  • Established Special School for PWDs.
  • Established Home for Poor & Senior Citizens.



  • Established Vocational Training Center (Computers) for Rural Youth.
  • Registered under PWD Act.
  • Registered with National Trust (under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment), New Delhi.



  • Got Tax Exemptions under 12A & 80G of Income Tax Act.
  • Established RBC for the Children with Special Needs.
  • Vocational Training (Tailoring& Embroidery) for Rural Women.
  • Established branch at Vuyyuru.



  • Got approval under FCRA, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.
  • Mainstreaming of Bonded and Child Laborers.



  • Established Branch of Special School.
  • Established RBC for the Children with Special Needs.



  • Established ASPIRATION supported by the national Trust (Ministry of MSJ & E), New Delhi.  
  • Established CBR Centre.



  • Route Partner of BADHTE KADAM, a national Campaign of the National Trust, New Delhi.
  •  CSR support for the construction of School Building.
  • Registered with NGO Partnership under Planning Commission, Government of India, New Delhi.



  • CSR support for the purchase of School Van.



  • Vocational Training Centre for PWDs.



  • Entered into the FIRST DECADE of Service Journey.
  • Established Information cum Guidance Centre.



  • Got the SPANDAN, National Award of the National Trust, Government of India in the category of Best Parent (for Founder).
  • Got the approval for Special School for Mental Retardation (Day Care cum Residential Basis) from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi.
  • Successfully completed the FIRST DECADE (2004-2014) of its Service Journey.
  • Planning to bring out the Souvenir on this occasion.  
  • Started Liaisoning cum Information Centre at Vijayawada.



          The Activities / Programmes / Services / Supports have been monitored and evaluated from time to time from both internal as well as external agencies and some of them were furnished below as: 


Evaluator (name etc. and commissioned by)

Date/ Period



Smt. Manjulaa Kalyaan, SNAC, Hyderabad.

Nov. 2010

Need based services and need to sustain the same.


Shri. Rijvi, District Collector. Krishna District.


June 2011

Good Services and needs better networking for effective inclusion and participation.


Shri Aakineedu, Superintend of Police, Krishna District.


February 2008

The patience of the trainers is very much appreciable and needs better participation of the community.


Shri Chinnaji Rao, AGM, SBI. Krishna Dist.


May 2010

Congratulations to the Management and Staff for doing the most needy services with connectivity.


Shri Vijaya Saradhi, Managing Director, HPCL, Krishna District.


August 2009

These children do have abilities and special needs to be part of the community.

Special School

Asst. Director 
District Disability Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Krishna District. 


2005 to 2014

Satisfied with the Project Activities and recommended to MSJ & E, New Delhi for the Grant In Aid through the State Government.

Special School


Shri. K. S. Rao
Director Depart of Disability Affairs, MSJ & E, GOI, New Delhi.


September 2014

Inspection cum assessment for the approval of Special School and approved the same.

Vocational Training Centre

Congratulated the Team for doing good work and advised to apply for the Grant In Aid to MSJ & E.


People  Representatives Professionals Businessmen Educationists and other stakeholders.

On Regular basis on various occasions / events / programmes /celebrations and other such service activities. 

Congratulations for the wonderful services and initiatives for enhancing the abilities for improved opportunities.