Chalenges & Opportunities

During the ‘FIRST DECADE’ of service journey (2004 - 2014), SRC has faced several challenges and it has accepted most of them as opportunities. Some of the significant challenges and opportunities faced by SRC include:


    • Poor understanding by the parents and community.
    • Non acceptance of disability.
    • Delayed identification and intervention.
    • Poor knowledge about disability acts, policies, schemes & benefits.
    • Increase in disability population.
    • Several barriers with poor access.
  • Stigma, myths and non-cooperation & non-acceptance and poor participation.
  • Not ready to send their child to special schools.
  • Poverty and non-affordability
  • Non availability of trained professionals.
  • Lack of resources including funds.



  • Creation of awareness cum advocacy.
  • Better IEC with causes and consequences.
  • Early identification and early interventions.
  • Guidance with counselling for rights.
  • Measures for the prevention of disabilities.
  • Initiatives for barrier free environment.
  • Improved training with IEC and connectivity.
  • Facilitation for improved livelihoods.
  • Encourage youth for special education with initiatives to run HRD centres.
  • Use of technology for Resources Mobilization.