Based on the needs, skills and vulnerabilities of the living environment of the targeted groups, SRC is running several projects and brief details of the same were furnished below as:

  • Special School (SS) – Day Care and Residential Facilities.
  • ASPIRATION – An Early Intervention Centre (EIC).
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).
  • Vocational Training Centre (VTC).
  • Information cum Facilitation Centre (IFC).


  • Special School (SS): SRC is running the Special School for the children with developmental delays in the area of mental retardation, and other associated disabilities. It has got the facilities to provide such services both on residential and day care basis. During the year 2013-14, 50 students (31: boys & 19: girls and 20: residential & 30: day care) got the benefit of special education with supporting services of ADLs, therapeutics, sports & games, recreational & cultural and other need based matching to their challenges, skills, needs and living environment/circumstances. There exists several such children in the surrounding villages who need to be reached and SRC needs supports to work for them.  

          This is managed by SRC from its internal resources and looking forward for getting grant support. It has got the approval for the Special School for 50 Children and SRC needs supports form Corporate / PSUs / Industries / other Funding Agencies both National & International to reach more such children. 

  • ASPIRATION – An Early Intervention Centre (EIC): Continued the early intervention programme supported by The National Trust, New Delhi for the children in the age group of 0-6 years. Under this scheme, the children with mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities (as specified in the National Trust Act) get necessary training for making ready to the schools both normal schools and special schools. During this year, 20 children (9: boys & 11 girls) got the benefit of training. Through this project 28 children have been mainstreamed into normal (22) and special school (6). Along with the children, their parents and other family members got the benefit of awareness, identification, causes & consequences of disability and need of training.


          This was the only centre established in the whole district of Krishna and well appreciated by all the stakeholders.  This scheme gets the support for the period of 5 years with tapering of grants into ‘ZERO’ and from 6th year onwards it should be managed by SRC itself. It has reached the level of zero by 14th January 2014. 
Suiting to the guidelines of the scheme, SRC is enhancing its capacities to raise necessary resources so that the tapering of grants can be balanced and later to achieve self sustainability. This is one of the innovative projects working for the early identification and early intervention of the children with intellectual disability. Under the guidance of the Nation Trust, this Early Intervention Project has been submitted to MSJ&E, New Delhi for getting the grant-in-aid.

  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBRCentre: To reach more such children both quantitatively and qualitatively, SRC has continued CBR which works for the real empowerment of the PWD’s as an inclusive strategy with right based for equality with dignity. Understanding the needs of the un-reached persons with disabilities, SRC is extending the suitable services covering: awareness, assessment, identification, disability certification, pension, travel concession, training, rehabilitation, aids & appliances, vocational training, employment opportunities, self employment, linkages for production & marketing, networking and others based on their individuals’ needs & skills through community based approaches where the team of professionals will be visiting to the community / village on regular basis.


         Under this project, 184 persons with disabilities (covering all disabilities) living in 42 villages of two mandals of Vuyyuru and Pamidimukkala are getting the services suiting to their challenges, skills, needs and living circumstances. This project was managed by SRC from its internal resources and looking forward for getting the support for the running activities and to extend the same to other villages and mandals of Krishna District.  
SRC has initiated the process of developing more such CBR centers with matching resources for better sustainability and quality of life (QOL). In view of ‘United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)’ and amendment of Indian Disability Acts / Policies which emphasized for the “inclusive development”, CBR gains importance as it is the better suited model to reach all PWD’s with inclusive strategies / interventions with improved availability, accessibility and affordability (3 A’s) of resources cum service supports. SRC is in the process of getting the support for establishing more and more CBR Centers which later can be made as essential part of community development with effective support and participation of PWDs, parents, community members, government and other stakeholders and further to move towards inclusive development.

          SRC is looking forward for getting support so that more number of CBR Centers will be established within the community thus reaching more groups both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

  • Vocational Training Centre (VTC): Continued VTC for the persons with mental retardation and other associated disabilities. During this year, on day care basis 25 members (male: 17 & female: 8) have got the benefit of training in various trades which includes: glass painting, pot painting, greeting cards and saree patch work. This process has improved their skills and got motivated for individual developments which lead for their livelihoods with or without support of their parents / family members. Through this centres’ trainees have been allowed to participate at exhibitions put up at various places.


         This process has been appreciated by the trainee’s parents and assured to support the process to work for their children’s empowerment / livelihood / inclusion with better participation.

  • Information cum Facilitation Centre (IFC):


          SRC is managing Information Centre with specific purposes to reach the unreached with need based problem solutions by way of:

  • To create Awareness in respect of disability and other associated disciplines among the targeted groups and other general public.
  • To provide information about the Acts, Policies and others related with the disability and development.
  • To motivate the targeted groups towards the training and rehabilitation.
  • To facilitate for availing the Aids & Appliances.
  • To facilitate for accessing the schemes and benefits extended by the Government and Private.
  • To collect the feedback.
  • To facilitate the Students and Youth to become volunteers.  


          The Society is managing this centre with its internal resources and looking forward to get the support so that dynamic connectivity can be continued to reach more such groups with need based information.